Show me Love.

I did it!

I faced a fear I had in creating a blog for myself. My life hasn’t been easy, who hasn’t had a difficult time in life, right?!

My identifier can go as followed; Celiac lifestyle, mama bear, chronic back pain sufferer, widow, or maybe even a hopeless wanderer. Whatever it may be, I am me. I want to share my past, present and future. A journey in which carries tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of uncontrollable laughter, and joy.

Why look at my blog? I have a story to tell. To be unheard is an understatement. Many questions in our lives go unanswered. I am here to live my life and share my journey.

2 thoughts on “Show me Love.

  1. I’m so proud of you !! Love you and miss you everyday ! Not a day goes by that your not in my mind. You are my sister , my friend . You have done so much for me and I thank you for that . I’m always here for you not matter what ! You are the one that understand and vise versa . Do you , be you .. “what is life”


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